2024 – Photography, Printed Matter

design for Vincen Beeckman

104 pages

soft cover, embossed

14,2 x 21 cm

limited edition of 400

selfpublished by Vincen Beeckman

poetry by Chiara Vitiello

April 2024

Migrating Heritage

2023 – Photography, Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

Book design for Sofie Verclyte.

You can purchase the book here.

The Girl Who Crossed the River with a Tablecloth

2023 – Photography, Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

Book design and research how to design an archive, for Lara Bongard.

You can purchase the book here.

Naître aux mondes

2021 – Identity, Photography, Printed Matter

Design for Naître aux mondes
7 booklets for 7 Belgian photographers taking part in the photography festival ‘Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles’.
In collaboration with KIOSK, Ghent & mòsso, Brussels.
Photographers: Valerio Alvarez, Maroussia Prignot, Chrystel Mukeba, Rami Hara, Brahim Tall, Helene Amouzou, Muhiba Botan & Patrick Wokmeni.

ZINE – 80

2019 – Photography, Printed Matter

A Zine: capturing the party of

a lifetime, 80th anniversary.


2016 – Performance, Photography

Some Place. Some People.
Some Situation. Silence.


2015 – Performance, Photography

Intimacy is spontaneous and private.

    But what if intimacy between two people becomes scripted and they are asked to perform their intimacy?