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Lien Van Leemput is a graphic designer and writer based in Ghent (BE).
She works as a freelancer but is also active within the publishing house Art Paper Editions,
and the graphic design studio 6m56s.


Her practice covers printed matter (from visual identities to bookmaking), writing, editing,
and storytelling. She has a strong focus on the social, the cultural and the everyday. With the
world as her terrain, she researches how we connect and communicate nowadays, what kind
of topics we are concerned with and how we deal with them.


She successfully finished her studies at the Design Department of the Sandberg Instituut,
Amsterdam. Previously she obtained her bachelors and masters degree at the Graphic Design
Department of KASK, School of Arts, Ghent.

designed by Lien Van Leemput, built by Hermine Cooreman