Het Verloren Woordenboek

2021 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

A booklet and a series of postcards for a poetry pharmacy.


Texts by Pascale Van den Abeele, Lien Van Leemput, Elise Erzeel,

Amarant Plas, Lucie Van Kerckhove,

Merel Scharff, Mieke De Smet & Rudy Van der Stuyft.


Font used: Faune, Alice Savoie/Cnap, via fontbrief

Tegen Het Vergeten

2020 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

Memoires of my grandfather.


A book about taking time, about autumn and spring, memories and future thoughts, passions and fascinations, small fears, about beautiful words but most of all: about love.


Contact me if you would like to receive a copy.

Les Editions Du Catalogue Déraisonné

2020 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

Development and design of interview series, in close collaboration with Simon
Delobel and Oriol Vilanova.


2020 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

Text for Edouard Jacquinets publication, “Marguerites”.
You can purchase it here.


2020 – Poetry & Text

A collection of 6 PAULS, all in a different jacket. Short stories for Tubelight Magazine.

Instagram Stories

2019 – Poetry & Text

Instagram Stories are mostly used as a visual diary. For this ongoing project, I use it as a textual diary. I’m not shy of controverse, nor of using other peoples stories, which sometimes gets me into trouble…


2017 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter, Script Writing

Applesauce is a collection of texts and stories describing a variety of everyday situations.

    The reader is invited to take
a walk through a trajectory of everyday misunderstandings, observations, conversations, embarrassments, thoughts,
habits, doubts, movements, dreams… in order to discover
the absurd, the dramatic and
surreal side of the everyday.

    Applesauce is a also in use as
a script book for other projects.


2017 – Audio, Poetry & Text, Script Writing

“I apologize for beginning with
the obvious, but that is always a convenient place from which to begin with.”


2016 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

A collection of short stories starring
You, Me, Life and a variety of (extra)
ordinary characters.

Slip(s) of the Tongue

2016 – Performance, Poetry & Text, Script Writing

It won’t help me…
I am talking out loud to myself.
Everything will not be fine,
I know that. But I do not say that.
I am talking out loud to myself.
I am thinking in silence in myself.

    THE ONLY ONE. (I say.)


    THE ONLY ONE. (I think.)
Are there any more only ones present here?


A solo performance for Joséphine Peguillan — Dirty Arts Graduation Show, Sandberg Instituut

Singing Céline Dion in front of my mirror (…)

2016 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

A column about boredom, written for Issue° 1, Speculating Systems’, Sandberg Design Department.


Boredom is a phenomenon that is constantly present in our society, but often remains concealed.

    Everyone deals with it, but at the same time it seems impossible to exist within our system- and work based society. How do we feel when we are bored? What kind of actions do we consider while being bored?
Can we look at boredom as a taboo of the 21th century?


Speculating Systems is designed by Daniel Seemayer and Andrea Karch.


2016 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

A series of posters questioning
a variety of subjects that we are confronted with on a daily basis.


2015 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter, Script Writing

Instructions about the contours

of everyday reality. Scripts about different kinds of conversations. Templates to experiment with our communication. Questions about what our language can (not) do.
Games to challenge our everyday communication.

Question Catalogue

2013 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter

What is it that my father has with his pressure washer?

    How to put a knife in my throat without dying?

    What is it that makes boobies
so attractive?

    How do fish sleep?

An infinite amount of questions
that fill my head on a daily basis. This Question Catalogue consists of
a questions publication and a (fake) answers publication.