ZINE – 80

2019 – Photography, Printed Matter

A Zine: capturing the party of

a lifetime, 80th anniversary.

Lecture time > Gesture time

2017 – Photography

People attending lectures.
People paying attention.
People being bored to death.

(to be continued)

Collection of Gestures

2016 – Photography

A collection of gestures.
(to be continued)


2016 – Performance, Photography, Script Writing

Some Place. Some People.
Some Situation. Silence.


2015 – Performance, Photography, Script Writing

Intimacy is spontaneous and private.

    But what if intimacy between two people becomes scripted and they are asked to perform their intimacy?

Same Same But Different

2015 – Photography, Printed Matter

Same Same But Different questions the connection between image and text. How can they influence/change each other?

    A manipulative and interpretative publication.


2014 – Photography

Photo series about the gestures of
a hairdresser and her customers.