2017 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter, Script Writing

Applesauce is a collection of texts and stories describing a variety of everyday situations.

    The reader is invited to take
a walk through a trajectory of everyday misunderstandings, observations, conversations, embarrassments, thoughts,
habits, doubts, movements, dreams… in order to discover
the absurd, the dramatic and
surreal side of the everyday.

    Applesauce is a also in use as
a script book for other projects.


2017 – Performance, Script Writing, Video

Series of 8 short movies that all contemplate on similar states of
our everyday being.

    States of being stuck, of doing nothing, of wanting but not being able to, of trying but failing, of waiting for something that we do not know will ever come,…

   All Acts are based upon scripts that are described in Applesauce.

Moving Sessions

2017 – Performance, Script Writing, Video

Compilation of 6 Moving Sessions where performers were asked to move according to spoken text.

    These texts described physical
as well as mental ‘movements’ in everyday life. Each Moving Session the setting and thus atmosphere changed.

    All Moving Sessions are based upon scripts that are described in Applesauce.


2017 – Audio, Poetry & Text, Script Writing

“I apologize for beginning with
the obvious, but that is always a convenient place from which to begin with.”

The Storybox

2017 – Performance, Script Writing

A workshop that is constructed to practice and explore various ways
of storytelling and -making.

    The Storybox workshop is based upon scripts that are described in Applesauce. (to be continued)

If … how would your body?

2017 – Performance, Photography, Script Writing

Translating questions into poses.

Model, Eloïse Baele

Slip(s) of the Tongue

2016 – Performance, Poetry & Text, Script Writing

It won’t help me…
I am talking out loud to myself.
Everything will not be fine,
I know that. But I do not say that.
I am talking out loud to myself.
I am thinking in silence in myself.

    THE ONLY ONE. (I say.)


    THE ONLY ONE. (I think.)
Are there any more only ones present here?


A solo performance for Joséphine Peguillan — Dirty Arts Graduation Show, Sandberg Instituut


2016 – Performance, Photography, Script Writing

Some Place. Some People.
Some Situation. Silence.


2015 – Performance, Photography, Script Writing

Intimacy is spontaneous and private.

    But what if intimacy between two people becomes scripted and they are asked to perform their intimacy?

Language Games

2015 – Audio, Performance, Script Writing, Video

[A Story] Paralinguistics: aspects of spoken communication that do not involve words. These may add emphasis or shades of meaning to what people say.


[A Game] The ant crawls as slowly as possible to the piece of sugar.


[BEEP] What do you hear? What do
you think you hear? Manipulation and interpretation in speech.


[POETOBA] Sometimes translation gets lost.


Movement(s) Contruction

2015 – Performance, Script Writing, Video

Movement(s) Construction are two performances (short movies) with 4 performers. They all perform actions that are scripted and being read out loud. In this way, they build a scene, an image, a stage,… before knowing in advance how it will look like.


2015 – Poetry & Text, Printed Matter, Script Writing

Instructions about the contours

of everyday reality. Scripts about different kinds of conversations. Templates to experiment with our communication. Questions about what our language can (not) do.
Games to challenge our everyday communication.

A Religion, La Mafia

2014 – Identity, Printed Matter, Script Writing

A fictional identity for the Italian
Mafia. But how to design a secret
and hidden identity? How to design
an identity if nothing can be visual?

    The answer is an identity that is
based on verbal communication
and gestures.

    A chain of Italian restaurants
serves as cover-up. Members of
the Mafia communicate based on
the act of speaking, eating and of
ordering food. The menu serves
as the identity manual.

I Can Choose What Winning Looks Like

2013 – Performance, Script Writing, Video

An extensive research project that investigates the way in which power is used in imagery, in speech and
in slogans. How can political/public messages be conveyed? And how are they being transformed and/or manipulated?

    At the same time an individual
is positioned in confrontation with
the mass. How can they relate to each other? Can everyone spread their own messages or are opinions constantly imposed and influenced?